Sunday, December 30, 2007

Man even if we were starving I know this shit wouldn't happen in Egypt

Anybody for tenderloin tiny little barbecued puppies?

This is how they keep older dogs under control. By dislocating both shoulders and tying both front limbs behind their back, whith a muzzled snout, all the while the dog is in traumatic shock. Very humane or what or would barbaric be a better word?

Ahhh a feast for a hungry man and what better way than barbecue? No please, go ahead, you first, I insist.

Fresh as can be...

Just skinned under your own eyes, freshness guaranteed.

The final product for a romantic dinner, what a fine delicacy..

No, No, I'm sorry I will never bark again.
If I didn't know better, I would say the Dog above was screaming to leave east Asia and come live in an ARAB NATION, right about now, wouldn't you think so?

Yet we get pounced on and ridiculed by the media and are sometimes called down right ugly Muslim Arab barbarian freaks due to some rogue elements, even though we do as much ass kissing of Israel as we can.
At the end of the day I guess it is pretty clear that we are living in Paradise compared to the above east Asians countries, that are not neccessarily a starving North Korea but such places like china and wealthier south korea that have no shortage of healthy Beef and lamb.
We live in far from perfect world and region to boot Making Africa and the Middle east truly civilized by any measure.


Xero said...

WTF ... this is .. WTF

Amre El-Abyad said...

Sam Seven,

That was a brilliant post. Hats off.