Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Why wouldn't we as a people of a proud nation allow GAMAL MUBARAK to be the next president of Egypt just because he is the son of the current president Hosni Mubarak? I mean seriously folks, why not?

In Syria Hafez al Assad handed down power to his son by changing the constitution and reducing the minimum age of a would be president.

In Jordan King Hussein handed down power to his son Abdullah. So why shouldn't Egypt for Pete's sake or for the sake of sidi morsi Abbas ya'll?

Even the infamous Bush is the son of an the ex president Bush Sr. and they are the United Fucking States of America for Christs sake.

Read my prior post on how Egyptians have learned the lessen all too well from neighbouring countries who tried to play the democracy card and got licked all too well. A hell of a lot of people will gladly not only allow him to assume the position of President, but will actually support him. It is a long cultivation in the process.

Having won his bought with leukemia and having recently be wedded Khadija, he is now a very eligible candidate.

What do you think? What's wrong, what are your alternatives?


Amre El-Abyad said...

That is what I think:


Phobos said...

My question is are you serious ?!!

SamSeven said...
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SamSeven said...

My Reply AMR: In a sarcastic way, yes, I am serious. What the Hell else could we do besides eat shit with a grain of salt? Just prepare yourselves for the worst my friend as some say that it is inevitible.

So just look at it as the popular recent trend of democrocies gripped by a father & son legacy.

I don't think I can be more sarcastic than that whilst still tryna fool the authorities by using deductive reasoning.