Friday, July 24, 2009

On Fate and Destiny

A friend on facebook inspired me to write this poem:

What is destiny if one cannot see,
Contemplating fate is a malady,
What lies ahead waiting for thee,
Fate, but an uncooked recipe,

It’s hard to describe what we cannot see,
All I know is, I wonder about me,
Ignoring the pains, of uncertainty,
What is the will but an etched out plate,
How we write it, I think is called fate,

Is it a journey or just another race,
With no understanding of what to embrace,
Do we tailor our fate,
Or our fate, our destiny,

Caring for what we do,
If we’re good, then our fate will be too,
Fate does not choose what it presents to you,
But it’s what we do that sees us thru,

Or fate is only kind to a chosen few,
A fate worse than death,
For being bad; that’s what we get,

I’ve been there and back,
So I know the facts,
Take my advice,
Live life right,

Just do onto others, what you want done to you,
And that my friend's how, your fate seethes thru,
And therefore becomes your destiny too..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing 2008

10,708 athletes will be competing in Beijing for 302 gold medals. Four billion people are expected to watch the games worldwide.

1.3 billion people can be found in China. That is 20% of the entire human race. Beijing's direct-controlled municipality population is estimated at over 17 million.

Despite the fog, the Chinese can control the weather. On instruction civilians fire anti-aircraft guns equipped with silver iodide shells into clouds above Beijing's farming belt. The chemical reaction forces the clouds to rain.

Beijing isn't the only part of the country to receive giant investment. Now using 70% of the world's cranes and half its cement, China is fast becoming the next super power. Hosting the games is only the beginning.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Vander Hoven, a psychologist from Netherlands, announced his new discovery about the effect of reading the Qur'aan and repeating the word ALLAH both on patients and on normal persons. The Dutch professor confirms his discovery with studies and research applied on many patients over a period of three years. Some of his patients were non-Muslims, others do not speak Arabic and were trained to pronounce the word " ALLAH " clearly; the result was great, particularly on those who suffer from dejection and tension. Al Watan, a Saudi daily reported that the psychologist was quoted to say that Muslims who can read Arabic and who read the Quran regularly could protect themselves from psychological diseases.
The psychologist explained how each letter in the word "ALLAH " affects healing of psychological diseases. He pointed out in his research that pronouncing the first letter in the word " ALLAH" which is the letter ( A ), released from the respiratory system, controls breathing. He added that pronouncing the velar consonant ( L) in the Arabic way, with the tongue touching slightly the upper part of the jaw producing a short pause and then repeating the same pause constantly, relaxes the aspiration.
Also, pronouncing the last letter which is the letter (H ) makes a contact between the lungs and the heart and in turn this contact controls the heartbeat. What is exciting in the study is that this psychologist is a non-Muslim, but interested in Islamic sciences and searching for the secrets of the HolYQuran Allah, The Great and Glorious, says, We will show them Our signs in the universe and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to (remember me in ur Dua) ALLAHU AKBAR Allah is great Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah , I am no one. But with Allah , I can do everything. Allah is my strength." This is a simple test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of all the great things that he has done for you, send this to everyone you know, May Allah help u to succeed...Ameen
During the next 60 seconds, stop whatever you are doing, and take this opportunity. (Literally it is only 1 minute) All you have to do is the following: You simply say "A prayer" for the person that sent you this message.
Allah said, "If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you." If you are not ashamed, send this message...only if you believe. "Yes, I love Allah. Allah is my fountain of Life and My Savior.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

US Crashes Internet In Middle East After Saudi Threat, Russia Responds With Air Forces

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are painting a grim picture of just how desperate US War Leaders have become as their economy continues its freefall towards total bankruptcy by their crashing of Global Internet access for the Middle East’s banking centers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Iran, UAR, Turkey and Kuwait.

These reports state that the Americans became ‘enraged’ this past week when the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) rejected US demands for an immediate increase in oil production.

Further angering the Americans this past week was Turkey’s rejection of US demands for them to sever banking ties with Iran's Bank Mellat, and which allows Iranian continued access to Global banking resources.

But, these reports state, the greatest fears of the United States were raised this past week when Saudi Arabia ‘warned’ the United States to ‘back off’ of its threats against Iran or face the Saudi’s decoupling the US Dollar from its enormous World oil trade transactions.

Though the American President [pictured top left with Saudi King] personally went to the Saudi Kingdom to lobby the US’s Middle East allies in agreeing for attacks against Iran for the Iranians decoupling of the US Dollar from its oil trade, Bush was quickly rebuffed.

It should be noted that those Nations who have dared to decoupled the US Dollar from their oil trade, Iraq, Iran, Russia and Venezuela, have come under withering attacks from the Americans, and their Western Allies; none worse than the Iraqis who are reported to have suffered over 1 million deaths since being invaded by the US in 2003.

But, as these reports state, the ‘worst nightmare’ of the Americans appeared to be coming true this past week when their Saudi Arabian allies were reported to have begun the decoupling of the US Dollar from their oil trade with the intention of replacing the rapidly declining American currency with the European Euro.
American War Leaders, though, have had previous warnings of the Saudis growing fears of being the holders of trillions of declining US Dollars with Saudi Arabia, for the first time, refusing to drop their interest rates in ‘lock-step’ with the US Federal Reserve, and leading to fears of a ‘stampede’ by other Middle Eastern Nations out of US Dollar backed assets.

Under such a threat, and with the Saudi King growing closer to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad [both pictured top left 2nd photo], Russian Military Analysts state in these reports that the United States invoked one of their so called ‘nuclear options’ by severing the four major undersea cables connecting the Middle East’s major banking centers to their Western, and Global, counterparts.

The significance to the severing of these cables is the Middle East Banking Centers being denied access to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), based in Brussels and which carries up to 12.7 million messages a day containing instructions on many of the International transfers of money between banks, lies in Saudi Arabia, or any other Middle East Nation, being unable to change their previously, before loss of communication, encoded currency instructions from being changed.

Moscow’s actions against the West, in the severing by the United States of these cables, was swift as President Putin ordered Russian Air Force Fighters and Bombers to take immediate action to protect the Russian Nations vital undersea cables in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, other than one Russian Banking Official, wishing to remain anonymous, stating that, “Should the Saudi’s effectively decouple their oil from the US Dollar, the United States, for all practical purposes will cease to be a World power as it economy will collapse completely as the US Dollar has no value in and of itself due to the staggering debt of the Americans. Without oil they are nothing.]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Vs. Egypt's Emergency Law

This is what it comes down to. Egypt is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and as such has specific legal obligations to respect and uphold the right to peaceful assembly protected by Article 21 of the treaty. A state may only limit this right if it is “necessary in a democratic society,” and even then in only certain, specific situations. Egyptian police and security forces’ detention of peaceful protestors violates the right to be free from arbitrary arrest or detention. Article 9 of the covenant requires a state party to provide any victim of unlawful arrest or detention with an enforceable right to compensation.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ghandi's Grandson the Blogger criticizes Israel

The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi called Israel and Jews the "biggest players" in the world's "culture of violence."

Nearly 500 people responded to the blog entry by Arun Gandhi, part of the Washington Post/Newsweek "On Faith" section.
The respondents were divided between those that called Gandhi an anti-Semite and those that added their own criticism of Jews and the Jewish state, as well as examinations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the Holocaust experience," Gandhi stated in his Jan. 7 blog. "It is a very good example of how a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends."
He added that the Jewish future appears bleak, since it is a nation "that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs."

In an apology posted three days later, Gandhi said that while he stands behind his criticisms of the State of Israel's use of violence, he should not have implied that all Jews support this.

in a statement released Sunday, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee chided Gandhi.
"To suggest that Jews today are using the Holocaust at the expense of others is reprehensible," David Harris wrote. "Regrettably, in the Internet age, it is difficult for a writer, especially one with a popular family name, to retract such hurtful, misinformed statements, and, indeed, Mr. Gandhi has fallen short in his subsequent apology.
"Let’s be clear. Israel, since its establishment by the United Nations 60 years ago, has sought to live in peace and security with all her neighbors. Israel was not created as a militaristic state, nor has it sought to dominate another people, as Gandhi argues."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is it possible to be in-love with lust itself?

Oh lust, a past time favorite, many heart throbbed moments over the euphoric changes in chemical constituency that make up sweet, delicious, irresistible lust. Just the word on its own is insatiably sexy. Prompting a slight variable in heart rate. Go ahead, let it slither off your tongue. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

When that intoxicating desire is overflowing in the early days of a relationship, all is right in the world. She's perfect for me, full of vivacious surprises, reminding me of my youth, redefining the word chemistry, knowing my every thought before hand, kissing my wounds and touching the very essence of my soul. The unity as we coalesce into one body in perfect unison, she is my Venus, voluptuous yet so innocent, intelligible yet a real freak. Sound familiar guys, how about this one ladies? He's perfect. His laugh is infectious, the sex amazing and everything he says is magical. Even his obsessive love of sports and the way he leaves his socks scattered about his house is adorable. Well welcome to lust. An all time favorite but unfortunately, for the lust-addicted, it's also ephemeral. So temporary and delicate, these sensational libido-crazed days will inevitably slip through your fingers. All at once you feel her spoontenuity has turned into insecurity and her preomonition into nagging. Then, quite suddenly, you're noticing that his dirty sock trail is actually kind of stinky, that your sex life has taken a dip in favor of the soccer game.

What's happening here? Well in economics it is called the elasticity of demand. After eating one sandwich you may want another, after two ya sure, maybe just one more but after the third, your rubber band is fully stretched out and you become completely saturated. In other words if you measure it by love standards then you are led to believe that Cupid's potent chemicals are wearing off. Now, don't panic just yet and get shit faced over it. There might still be hope cuz a lot of true love relationships started out the same way. Romantic relationships can be broken down into three phases, with each one offering up its own special concoction of chemicals. Not surprising then that the sex-around-the-clock Lust stage is overrun with testosterone and estrogen, a thrilling concoction that keeps you and your flame stuck together like glue and in an initial daze.

So try and learn how to differntiate between the glossy fantasy and creating a lasting relationship. Lust is a common novelty that can only last a few months to maybe a year at most, but identify that and don't get thrown into a rut, looking to fill voids in your persona to compensate for old scars. Many a time both parties fall snuggly into this dilema. Regardless, we all fall in love with lust the very moment we experience its overwhelming God given pleasure and intensity.

Round two, known as the Romantic Love or Attraction phase. Here, the chemicals dopamine (also triggered by cocaine to give you an idea of the high you're on); norepinephrine, also known as adrenaline, and serotonin come rushing in. Talk about an intense rush. It's a time easily identifiable by the fact you're feeling doped up. In fact, its obsessive power can cause you to forget about everything else because, let's face it, who cares about your to-do list when you could be snuggled up together? But, do all good things come to an end?

For real love to kick in, the following must take place. Here, the powerful bonding chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin get released. Personally, they produce a good feeling, although a very serious one, don't try to compare it to the lust days. It results in more practical sentences, such as, "Whats for dinner?" start replacing the more impractical approach of wolfing down just enough grub to energize you for another round in the sack. Why can't we just float around in Cupid's sparkly love dust forever underneath the missile toe and pink clouds galore? Well because a relationship is always a work in progress. It's called evolution, relationships that don't change and adopt to their collective environment become extinct. Case closed. That means sitting down and discussing everything from work, family to their relationship five times a week, besides praying five times a day if you are trying to become devout Muslims together. Fearing for the well being of your soul mate in this life as well as the next. No pain no gain right. Yet it's definitely worth the effort. There is a great comfort in knowing you're not together because of lust alone at this point, welcome to phase three.

When there are little ups and downs -- and big ups and downs -- we have history, we've got faith, and we have a commitment to each other ... it's rewarding having someone we feel intimately understands us. So make sure you take all the above into consideration in order to make the best of what you have on your plate right now. There is a difference as you can see between love and lust and even being in love with lust itself.

This post is dedicated to all those going through the different stages of infatuation, whether on the true path to real love or just in the midst's of being in love with the idea itself.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Egypt should pay for Nile waters - haha!

Can you believe this?

Some African with a psychosis says:
Just as oil is the natural wealth of the Arab world, which the nations hosting Lake Victoria pay for dearly, the waters of Lake Victoria are the natural wealth of the people of East Africa and should diligently be utilised for the benefit of its people.

The Arabs in the north irrigate their dry land to produce food for their people using our Lake Victoria waters at no cost at all, yet no single drop of their oil can reach us freely.

Since the Nile water agreement was reached, the nations hosting Lake Victoria have been kind to the Egyptians to our detriment, and now it is high time we sold our water to them. What is required at this juncture is for Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi to collectively support Uganda where the Nile River starts off, by looking for ways and means of installing a water meter so that we start billing Egypt for the water she uses monthly.

Talk about "De Nial"

Here is the article in it's entirety

Israel sues Egypt for Kassams

Check this is out..
Ten families from Sderot, whose loved ones were either killed or seriously wounded by Kassam rockets, are set to file a major suit against the Egyptian government on Monday afternoon, Israel Radio reported.
The families blamed the Egyptian government for deliberately assisting terror organizations in smuggling weapons and explosives into the Gaza Strip.
Moreover, the residents alleged that Egypt assisted terrorists who infiltrated into its territory from Gaza to reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon and return to the Strip with the knowledge they acquired there.
The residents have also alleged that Egypt has assisted terror organizations to smuggle millions of dollars into the Strip which is strengthening their stronghold in Gaza.
Chairman of Shurat Ha-Din organization, Nitzana Darshan-Laitner, is demanding that the Egyptians pay million of dollars in compensation to the families.
Alleged fabricated evidence of Egypt's complicity with terrorists was presented to congress by Israel which is cause for the latest tensions between the otherwise close allies.
Egypt sending more troops to the border will conflict with the Camp David peace accord, plus it is highly unlikely that egypt will support Hamas; an Islamist movement with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood- the Egyptian governments arch enemy. Something is up here, but what exactly, I don't know?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pakistan - Myth of Islamic Terrorism - True or False?

A very interesting article about pakistan. Is it the truth or just a very convincing point of view? Well worth the read if you are even remotely curious about what is going on in pakistan.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Egypt weighs legality of divorce by text message

I shit you not, this is for real, an Egyptian court has been asked to rule on whether a husband can send a text message to divorce his wife. AFP says the case stems from the actions of Abul Nasr, a Cairo engineer who declared the end of his marriage in three text messages that were sent to his wife, Iqbal Abul Nasr.
"I divorce you because you didn't answer your husband," he wrote in the last message, according to the state-run Al-Akhbar newspaper.
Under Islamic law, men can end a marriage by making a unilateral declaration of divorce that is repeated at least three times. Some countries have banned the use of cellphone messages to repeat the declaration, but Egypt has yet to rule on the legality of this practice. Cool stuff huh?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Sarkozy was in Egypt on an official trip to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. His decision to take his new girlfriend Carla Bruni along brought about mixed emotions. What the hell is wrong with mixing a little pleasure with business anyways huh?
This not only angered some of his political opponents back home who said Sarkozy was blurring the lines between public and private life, but check this out:
Sarkozy also came under fire from Egyptian lawmakers, who said it was improper of him to share a hotel room with his girlfriend LOL.
Independent Egyptian Member of Parliament Gamal Zahran said in parliament that by welcoming Sarkozy and Bruni, Egypt was giving the impression that the Muslim country was "ready to accept official prostitution by heads of state," All foreigners as long as they are not from a predominantly Muslim nation are allowed to shack up with their lovers at hotels here, you don't have to be a head of state to be able to do that!

POEM - IN 2008 - DONT HATE !!

2008 is the year to learn to appreciate. All those around us who may produce results we'd like to emulate.

A year to capitulate.

To give up the hatred, jealousy and instead congratulate one another on jobs well done.

To not trespass and forgive those who trespass against us instead of trying to instigate and escalate the hate.

A time to reiterate, principles of good.

To obliterate, all but our woes in the ways of the Noble and the laureate.

Actions speak louder than words as intentions travel far but can disintegrate, while actions truly disseminate.

Sowing the seed to the harvest we cultivate, pray to the Lord our faults he abrogate and fully exonerate us to never tribulate.

Steadfast and resolute in our resolve to eliminate the ailment of envy and hate in this forth year.

Lets teach with this simple poem, in the year 2008 - the theme may not be to Love, but at least to tolerate.

I challenge everyone, In 2008 NOT TO HATE!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Man even if we were starving I know this shit wouldn't happen in Egypt

Anybody for tenderloin tiny little barbecued puppies?

This is how they keep older dogs under control. By dislocating both shoulders and tying both front limbs behind their back, whith a muzzled snout, all the while the dog is in traumatic shock. Very humane or what or would barbaric be a better word?

Ahhh a feast for a hungry man and what better way than barbecue? No please, go ahead, you first, I insist.

Fresh as can be...

Just skinned under your own eyes, freshness guaranteed.

The final product for a romantic dinner, what a fine delicacy..

No, No, I'm sorry I will never bark again.
If I didn't know better, I would say the Dog above was screaming to leave east Asia and come live in an ARAB NATION, right about now, wouldn't you think so?

Yet we get pounced on and ridiculed by the media and are sometimes called down right ugly Muslim Arab barbarian freaks due to some rogue elements, even though we do as much ass kissing of Israel as we can.
At the end of the day I guess it is pretty clear that we are living in Paradise compared to the above east Asians countries, that are not neccessarily a starving North Korea but such places like china and wealthier south korea that have no shortage of healthy Beef and lamb.
We live in far from perfect world and region to boot Making Africa and the Middle east truly civilized by any measure.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Egypt to copyright Pyramids

Cairo - In a potential blow to themed resorts from Vegas to Tokyo, Egypt is to pass a law requiring payment of royalties whenever its ancient monuments, from the pyramids to the sphinx, are reproduced.Zahi Hawass, the charismatic and controversial head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, told AFP on Tuesday that the move was necessary to pay for the upkeep of the country's thousands of pharaonic sites."The new law will completely prohibit the duplication of historic Egyptian monuments which the Supreme Council of Antiquities considers 100-percent copies," he said."If the law is passed then it will be applied in all countries of the world so that we can protect our interests," Hawass said.

He said that a ministerial committee had already agreed on the law which should be passed in the next parliamentary session, while insisting the move would not hurt Egyptian artisans."It is Egypt's right to be the only copyright owner for these monuments in order to benefit financially so we can restore, preserve and protect Egyptian monuments."However, the law "does not forbid local or international artists from profiting from drawings and other reproductions of pharaonic and Egyptian monuments from all eras - as long as they don't make exact copies.""Artists have the right to be inspired by everything that surrounds them, including monuments," he said.Asked about the potential impact on the monumental Luxor Hotel in the US gambling capital of Las Vegas, Hawass insisted that particular resort was "not an exact copy of pharaonic monuments despite the fact it's in the shape of a pyramid."On its website, the luxury hotel describes itself as "the only pyramid shaped building in the world," but Hawass said its interior was entirely different from an ancient Egyptian setting.Hawass's declarations came after the opposition daily Al-Wafd published an article on Sunday called for the Las Vegas hotel to pay a slice of its lodging and gambling profits to the city of Luxor."Thirty-five million tourists visit Las Vegas to see the reproduction of Luxor city while only six million visit the real Egyptian city of Luxor," the paper lamented.Samir Farag, head of Luxor town council in southern Egypt, home to the legendary Valley of the Kings, said that it would be difficult to prohibit use of pyramid shapes."We can't forbid people from using the name of Luxor and copying monuments from (Luxor) city, which is the world's richest city for monuments," he said, adding that "tourists going to Las Vegas doesn't affect our city's business."

hmmm...Conspiracy or Truth

Could this be the proof needed to end all conspiracy theories behind all conspiracy theories?

This shit actually does happen, to our dismay, right here in the middle East. Otherwise how come no one was held accountable for this action then, this is America after all that we are talking about here. Ask yourself then, why not, is it beyond them? I think not!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

F_cking hillarious, too funny

Check out this article:

I am so sorry, I just couldn't help myself. In the above article, notice the line way down in the middle that reads "To stand by idly while the blood of others is shed would be un-Jewish." I mean I am trying, I mean really trying to give the Israeli's the benefit of the doubt since they are Egypt's neighbors and we have had some really shitty leaders in the past but how can some one say this while there is an enormous civilian casualty rate with the - yes Jewish Israeli army - whether it be in Palestine or Lebanon. Is Israel trying to draw attention away from it's settlements in the West Bank by drawing attention to Darfur. I believe it's all propaganda no doubt. If powerful people really are sincere about Jewish nature not condoning violence, especially because it had happened to them, why then can't they just stop it. It can't be that hard, I mean really people, come on really.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nuclear Arabia...WTF

Egypt's September announcement that it will revive its dormant nuclear program and embark on acquiring significant nuclear technology coupled with similar statements from Morocco, Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments appear to be in response to the failure of the international community to hinder Iran's nuclear progress since 2003 has required leading moderate Arab governments to embark on nuclear journeys to acquire a deterrent to Iran's immerging nuclear capability. Moderate Arab leaders worry that an unabated Iranian nuclear program will empower Iran with a nuclear weapon that will enable it to become the prominent military power in the region following Israel.

These Arab leaders have become increasingly uncomfortable with their future position as lagging behind Israel and Iran in a region where Arabs make up the overwhelming demographic majority.

In addition to the sincere Arab desire to acquire a deterrent to forthcoming Iranian nuclear military capability.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Facebook lawsuit thats still pending!

Before he launched Facebook at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg worked for two brothers on a project called that also wanted to connect students and alumni.
Zuckerberg later left that project, and showed up with Facebook. The brothers claim Zuckerberg stole their code, and sued him three years ago. The brothers later changed their company’s name to ConnectU.

They’ve been fighting ever since, and all the while Zuckerberg and Facebook have maintained the suit isn’t going anywhere.

Accusing Zuckerberg, Facebook’s 23-year-old C.E.O, of stealing the source code, design, and business plan for Facebook in 2003 when he briefly worked in the Harvard dorms as a programmer for their own fledgling social-networking site, now known as ConnectU.
The plaintiffs have demanded that Facebook be shut down and that full control of the site - and its profits - be turned over to them.

What’s surprising is that this case hasn’t gone away. The stakes have only increased, now that Facebook is widely considered worth more than $1 billion, and as much as $8 billion depending on who you listen to.

Three years later, we’re still no closer to knowing whether he stole code or not. What code did write for them, and was he paid for? How much were these agreements in writing, how much of it was simply oral agreements?

The most likely worst case for Facebook: Zuckerberg and his investors will agree to settle this for many millions of dollars.


Why wouldn't we as a people of a proud nation allow GAMAL MUBARAK to be the next president of Egypt just because he is the son of the current president Hosni Mubarak? I mean seriously folks, why not?

In Syria Hafez al Assad handed down power to his son by changing the constitution and reducing the minimum age of a would be president.

In Jordan King Hussein handed down power to his son Abdullah. So why shouldn't Egypt for Pete's sake or for the sake of sidi morsi Abbas ya'll?

Even the infamous Bush is the son of an the ex president Bush Sr. and they are the United Fucking States of America for Christs sake.

Read my prior post on how Egyptians have learned the lessen all too well from neighbouring countries who tried to play the democracy card and got licked all too well. A hell of a lot of people will gladly not only allow him to assume the position of President, but will actually support him. It is a long cultivation in the process.

Having won his bought with leukemia and having recently be wedded Khadija, he is now a very eligible candidate.

What do you think? What's wrong, what are your alternatives?

Democracy just doesnt work around here

Bottom line democracy just doesn't work in the middle east. Not even in Israel, so many folks over there are against the killing of babies by the minute and frankly feel that there government looks silly lobbying world wide and adamently denying it, but too bad for them, they are made out to be soulless pigs and apes. Are their voices heard? Heard, shmurd, please. We are in the land that invented Anarchy, Monarchy, dictatorships secularism and everything else extrordinaire, please people.

Democracy won't work in the gulf and it and sure as hell won't in North Africa. Look at what happened with democracy in Gaza, you don't want democracy in Saudi Arabia or even in Egypt, trust me, thats why people may mock Mubarak, but deep down inside, they accept him over the other alternative. Democracy,..,of death.

Monday, December 3, 2007


In the past 5 years alone, a nascent industry has burgeoned up out of nowhere. An industry against the religion known as Islam. Many a time has Islam been persecuted but never has an entire industry developed over it. Notice how Muslims who apostate themselves into Christianity become filthy rich. Name one person who has left Islam and lived to talk about it who is not filthy rich or supported by the multi million dollar evangelical machine?

Denounce Islam and you will make dollars and gain friends who would ordinarily denounce you at face value or would take no interest in you what so ever.

Fascinating really. Some would argue that I shouldn't bring this to attention because it is almost like telling teen age high school girls in the west that they could make exorbitantly ridiculous amounts of money if they adulterated themselves into the booming prostitution industry.

Shammed out shortcuts to easy worldly rewards ! Just like the sex industry which is the oldest industry in the world, we now have the 'denounce Islam' industry which just happens to be the newest industry in the world at the time of this post.