Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nuclear Arabia...WTF

Egypt's September announcement that it will revive its dormant nuclear program and embark on acquiring significant nuclear technology coupled with similar statements from Morocco, Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments appear to be in response to the failure of the international community to hinder Iran's nuclear progress since 2003 has required leading moderate Arab governments to embark on nuclear journeys to acquire a deterrent to Iran's immerging nuclear capability. Moderate Arab leaders worry that an unabated Iranian nuclear program will empower Iran with a nuclear weapon that will enable it to become the prominent military power in the region following Israel.

These Arab leaders have become increasingly uncomfortable with their future position as lagging behind Israel and Iran in a region where Arabs make up the overwhelming demographic majority.

In addition to the sincere Arab desire to acquire a deterrent to forthcoming Iranian nuclear military capability.

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snoby said...

I don’t know when people in the ME will wake up and learn reality from fiction? Hollywood, from the real world?. Nuclear weapons are of no use as a deterrent or as offensive tools. Particularly, between countries sharing geographical boundaries. Can you imagine any air-head Israeli throw a nuclear bomb on Syria, Jordan or Egypt? They may as well explode it in their own land. Same scenario applies for Iran. To begin with they don’t have any historic enmity with Israel. In fact they have cooperation. The Shah was the first to recognize Israel. Khomeini’s regime (i.e. existing regime) accepted weapons from them during the US-Reagan Presidency and the Iran-Contra affair. Even if we act stupid for a moment and believe them, how they will differentiate between the bomb being thrown at Israel, or any of their so called friends in the Arab world. Another, issue please, please distinguish between nuclear technology being used to generate electric power and that for a weapon. In fact Civilian Nuclear technology is far more complex and challenging and it doesn’t suit the level of ignorance in the Arab world. May be Egypt, has more hope than the rest of the countries in the region (excluding Israel) that it can provide some technical knowledge to support that technology.