Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democracy just doesnt work around here

Bottom line democracy just doesn't work in the middle east. Not even in Israel, so many folks over there are against the killing of babies by the minute and frankly feel that there government looks silly lobbying world wide and adamently denying it, but too bad for them, they are made out to be soulless pigs and apes. Are their voices heard? Heard, shmurd, please. We are in the land that invented Anarchy, Monarchy, dictatorships secularism and everything else extrordinaire, please people.

Democracy won't work in the gulf and it and sure as hell won't in North Africa. Look at what happened with democracy in Gaza, you don't want democracy in Saudi Arabia or even in Egypt, trust me, thats why people may mock Mubarak, but deep down inside, they accept him over the other alternative. Democracy,..,of death.

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