Monday, December 3, 2007


In the past 5 years alone, a nascent industry has burgeoned up out of nowhere. An industry against the religion known as Islam. Many a time has Islam been persecuted but never has an entire industry developed over it. Notice how Muslims who apostate themselves into Christianity become filthy rich. Name one person who has left Islam and lived to talk about it who is not filthy rich or supported by the multi million dollar evangelical machine?

Denounce Islam and you will make dollars and gain friends who would ordinarily denounce you at face value or would take no interest in you what so ever.

Fascinating really. Some would argue that I shouldn't bring this to attention because it is almost like telling teen age high school girls in the west that they could make exorbitantly ridiculous amounts of money if they adulterated themselves into the booming prostitution industry.

Shammed out shortcuts to easy worldly rewards ! Just like the sex industry which is the oldest industry in the world, we now have the 'denounce Islam' industry which just happens to be the newest industry in the world at the time of this post.

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indeed, indeed!