Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hmmm...Conspiracy or Truth

Could this be the proof needed to end all conspiracy theories behind all conspiracy theories?

This shit actually does happen, to our dismay, right here in the middle East. Otherwise how come no one was held accountable for this action then, this is America after all that we are talking about here. Ask yourself then, why not, is it beyond them? I think not!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it actually doesn't surprise me, why do you think they elect new leaders every 4 years or so? To be able to blame it on some corrupt leader if someone catches wind of it as was the case here. Why do you think they say politics can be very dirty in the first place, it is precisely because of things like this. The unbelievable, the unmentionable crimes of belligerent injustice and greed.

nunya said...

I am quite aware of the attack on the Liberty. I am critical of the Israeli government also. Egypt started the Arab-Israeli war in 1967, Israel, with massive infusions of American taxpayer dollars, ended it. Frankly, I trust no government and I trust the ruling elites of all nations even less. The World Bank and the IMF deserve the harshest criticism of all. Those two horrid organizations have caused more death and destruction than all of the wars combined.

Did you know that most Americans are left intentionally ignorant by their government sponsored and guided education system?

I'm critical of that also.

For all the deserved criticism of the Iranian government, they DO provide education for the females and free birth control. You'll never see me criticize that.

you don't know shit about American "elections." A joke is what they are. A hideous, ugly joke, in a pay to play system that only benefits the rich.