Tuesday, January 1, 2008

POEM - IN 2008 - DONT HATE !!

2008 is the year to learn to appreciate. All those around us who may produce results we'd like to emulate.

A year to capitulate.

To give up the hatred, jealousy and instead congratulate one another on jobs well done.

To not trespass and forgive those who trespass against us instead of trying to instigate and escalate the hate.

A time to reiterate, principles of good.

To obliterate, all but our woes in the ways of the Noble and the laureate.

Actions speak louder than words as intentions travel far but can disintegrate, while actions truly disseminate.

Sowing the seed to the harvest we cultivate, pray to the Lord our faults he abrogate and fully exonerate us to never tribulate.

Steadfast and resolute in our resolve to eliminate the ailment of envy and hate in this forth year.

Lets teach with this simple poem, in the year 2008 - the theme may not be to Love, but at least to tolerate.

I challenge everyone, In 2008 NOT TO HATE!

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Anonymous said...

May I add losing all the Christmas lbs? :) my every year new resolution that is not working well so far :)