Monday, January 7, 2008

Israel sues Egypt for Kassams

Check this is out..
Ten families from Sderot, whose loved ones were either killed or seriously wounded by Kassam rockets, are set to file a major suit against the Egyptian government on Monday afternoon, Israel Radio reported.
The families blamed the Egyptian government for deliberately assisting terror organizations in smuggling weapons and explosives into the Gaza Strip.
Moreover, the residents alleged that Egypt assisted terrorists who infiltrated into its territory from Gaza to reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon and return to the Strip with the knowledge they acquired there.
The residents have also alleged that Egypt has assisted terror organizations to smuggle millions of dollars into the Strip which is strengthening their stronghold in Gaza.
Chairman of Shurat Ha-Din organization, Nitzana Darshan-Laitner, is demanding that the Egyptians pay million of dollars in compensation to the families.
Alleged fabricated evidence of Egypt's complicity with terrorists was presented to congress by Israel which is cause for the latest tensions between the otherwise close allies.
Egypt sending more troops to the border will conflict with the Camp David peace accord, plus it is highly unlikely that egypt will support Hamas; an Islamist movement with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood- the Egyptian governments arch enemy. Something is up here, but what exactly, I don't know?

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WTF seriously. in an international court or where?