Monday, January 14, 2008

Ghandi's Grandson the Blogger criticizes Israel

The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi called Israel and Jews the "biggest players" in the world's "culture of violence."

Nearly 500 people responded to the blog entry by Arun Gandhi, part of the Washington Post/Newsweek "On Faith" section.
The respondents were divided between those that called Gandhi an anti-Semite and those that added their own criticism of Jews and the Jewish state, as well as examinations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the Holocaust experience," Gandhi stated in his Jan. 7 blog. "It is a very good example of how a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends."
He added that the Jewish future appears bleak, since it is a nation "that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs."

In an apology posted three days later, Gandhi said that while he stands behind his criticisms of the State of Israel's use of violence, he should not have implied that all Jews support this.

in a statement released Sunday, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee chided Gandhi.
"To suggest that Jews today are using the Holocaust at the expense of others is reprehensible," David Harris wrote. "Regrettably, in the Internet age, it is difficult for a writer, especially one with a popular family name, to retract such hurtful, misinformed statements, and, indeed, Mr. Gandhi has fallen short in his subsequent apology.
"Let’s be clear. Israel, since its establishment by the United Nations 60 years ago, has sought to live in peace and security with all her neighbors. Israel was not created as a militaristic state, nor has it sought to dominate another people, as Gandhi argues."


Anonymous said...

laughable indeed how anyone criticize Israel the slut of America has to be scolded by the Zionist terrorists :)


Anonymous said...

We want peace, we really do. The Palestinians must lay down their weapons or there will be no peace, it is as simple as that.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Did I meet you before in Egypt? what are your roundabouts?

egyptaya said...

To the anonymous who really wants peace, I assume that you are an Israeli who is asking the Palestinians to lay down their weapons inexhange for peace ! Of course you and your people want peace, you already got the land so why not live happily ever after. There is a small problem though, those who you took the land from will not stop fighting for their rights until they get their land back. So, repeat after me "No justice, No peace" :)

SamSeven said...

AMONYMOUS that is the most hypocritical thing that I have ever heard. you may think that yo are in a position to say that now, but 99% of Arabs think that Israel should do the same. Then compensate the Arabs for all the years of violence and lost loved ones and displaced Palestinians, then there will be peace. It's all just a matter of history repeating itself. we all know what happens to Tyrants. Don't let Israel be the tyrant, follow the lead of the true peace activists in Israel that know that for Israel to practice true religious philosophy, they have to stop the disproportionate reactions and make real land concessions as well as the above for peace. Even the West knows that many Jews have too much pain from the past and cant just lay down and lay over for peace. Sad but true.

@ Amre, my round abouts ?? LOLOL lmao !!

Amre El-Abyad said...

I am serious dude. Really!

SamSeven said...

Amre I don't know I couldn't say for sure though. Maybe maybe not, when i see you face to face then we will know, or you can send me a head shot of you and then I will know. I just laughed at the way you used the term 'your round abouts' hehe it was funny.

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